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    Department of English is one of the two departments of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences established in 1995-1996 session with a view to producing competent and efficient graduate and postgraduate students. There are three ongoing programs under this department: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English (First Shift & Second Shift), Master of Arts in English (One year), and Master of Arts in English (Two & half years). BA (Hons) program is running under trimester system. Both the MA programs are following bi-semester system. This department generally aims at providing students with exposure to the areas and aspects of English language, literature and cultural studies. It specifically seeks to further refine students’ sensibilities, sharpen their critical faculty and equip them with the knowledge and skills that will make them qualified and capable persons for the challenging world. English literature degree programs center on the literature of the Anglophone world. In an English literature program, students learn about the history and structure of the English language and linguistics, develop their writing and rhetoric skills and study the literary genius including William Shakespeare, John Milton, Herman Melville, William Wordsworth, Chinua Achebe and many more. The degree involves reading many types of dramas, novels, short stories, essays and poems. Students who have earned a degree in English literature might end up working in diversified careers home and abroad within academic circles and beyond.

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    Department of English aims at the liberal education of students by developing a deepened understanding of language and literacy, the value of critical reading and effective writing, and the richness of literature, past and present.


    We seek to foster knowledge and a love of literature and of language in our students. To this end we will provide students with a coherent curricular framework, well-structured courses. We will teach a variety of literary, analytical, pedagogical, and theoretical skills. We will teach students to speak, read, and write effectively. We will encourage students to think deeply and to reflect on what they have learned. We will encourage a love of learning and an appreciation for an education of autonomy.

    Message from Department Head

    Welcome to the Department of English! I am very much delighted to claim that the Department of English at Dhaka International University provides an excellent opportunity for the students who want to study English language and literature. The Department bears its proud heritage of running the Honours (First Shift/Second Shift) and Masters Programs (1 year/2.5 years) in English since the very beginning of this university in 1995. Today the department tries hard to maintain a world-class standard in order to equip its graduates with such knowledge and skill so as to meet the needs of a globalized world and its challenges. With this end in view the department seeks to develop its educational curricula continuously and tirelessly to keep abreast the latest developments in all its aspects and tracks in the specialization qualitatively and quantitatively. Currently the BA Honours syllabus incorporates a wide variety of courses along with its core courses. Now in both the Honours and MA programs the brighter students, not necessarily the solvent, have scopes to carry out research projects of their interest. I am highly pleased that the department is now sufficiently strengthened with its twelve fulltime teachers who have a very bright academic background and who are continuously publishing papers in standard journals at home and abroad. I am also pleased that the department currently has strength of about 700 students who are very enthusiastic in their academic study and co-curricular activities.  Finally, I thank and appreciate the university authority, my colleagues, the alumni and others who are always contributing towards fulfilling the department’s mission and vision.


    • Ensure quality teaching, learning, and research through applying modern concepts of teaching and learning.
    • Emphasize the approach of active engagement of students in the autonomy of learning.
    • Help the learners to face global challenges using critical thinking, creativity, analytical skills and problem-solving abilities acquired from their training in language, linguistics and literature.
    • Use advanced knowledge of language and literature to develop understanding of local and global issues, developments and cultures.
    • Develop and broaden their understanding and appreciation of the world and its diverse communities and cultures.
    • Involve them in research activities , article publications and seminar presentations.


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    Our students engage themselves in various interesting extra curricular activities all through the year.


    A proper syllabus is maintained for the best outcome of academic experience in our university.

    1st Semester 2nd Semester
    Eng-101 Basic English Language-I Eng-106 Basic English Language-II
    Eng-102 History of English Literature-I Eng-107 History of English Literature-II
    Eng-103 History of American Literature-I Eng-108 History of American Literature-II
    Eng-105 History of the World Eng-110 History of England and India
    3rd Semester 4th Semester
    Eng-104 Ancient Western Philosophy Eng-109 Modern Western Philosophy
    Eng-201 Functional English Eng-203 Classics in Translation-I
    Eng-202 Theory of Literature-I Eng-204 Anglo-Saxon Poetry
    Eng-205 Elizabethan & Restoration Drama-I
    5rd Semester 6th Semester
    Eng-206 English Writing Skills Eng-209 Old English Prosey
    Eng-207 Theory of Literature-II Eng-210 Elizabethan & Restoration Drama-II
    Eng-208 Classics in Translation-II Eng-310 Linguistics-I
    7rd Semester 8th Semester
    Eng-302 Poetry from Chaucer to Donne Eng-305 Victorian Poetry
    Eng-303 Romantic Poetry-I Eng-306 Linguistics-II
    Eng-304 Prose from Bacon to Defoe Eng-307 Poetry from Milton to Pope
    9th Semester 10th Semester
    Eng-308 Romantic Poetry-II Eng-401 Contemporary Literary Criticism-I
    Eng-309 Prose from Swift to G.Eliot Eng-402 American Prose
    Eng-310 Victorian Novel Eng-403 American Novels
    11th Semester 12th Semester
    Eng-404 Third World Literature-I Eng-407 American Poetry
    Eng-405 Comprehensive Test Eng-408 American Drama
    Eng-406 Contemporary Literary Criticism-II Eng-409 Third World Literature-II
    Eng-410 Research Monograph
    Total Credit=120
    1st Semester 2nd Semester
    Eng-501 20th Century Modern Fiction-I Eng-506 20th Century Modern Fiction-II
    Eng-502 20th Century Modern Proetry-I Eng-507 20th Century Modern Proetry-II
    Eng-503 20th Century Modern Drama-I Eng-508 20th Century Modern Drama-II
    Eng-504 Shakespeare-I Eng-509 20th Shakespeare-II
    Eng-505 Continental Literature-I Eng-510 Continental Literature-II
    1st Semester 2nd Semester
    Eng-101 Basic English Language Eng-201 Advanced English Writing Skill
    Eng-102 Functional English Eng-202 Critical Literry Theory
    Eng-103 History of English Literature Eng-203 Poetry From Chaucer To pope
    Eng-104 History of American Literature Eng-204 Romantic Poetry
    3rd Semester 4th Semester
    Eng-301 Introduction to Linguistics Eng-401 Twentieth Century English Fiction
    Eng-302 Elizabethan & Restoration Drama Eng-402 Twentieth Century English Poerty
    Eng-303 History of English Literature Eng-403 Twentieth Century English Drama
    Eng-304 History of American Literature Eng-404 Contemporary Literary Criticism
    5th Semester
    Eng-501 Shakespeare
    Eng-502 Introduction to American Poetry
    Eng-503 American Fiction and Drama
    Eng-504 Continental Literature
    Eng-505 Classics in Translation
    Research Monograph
    Total Credit = 66


    We have a strong and active alumni association named DIUEAA (DIU English Alumni Association).

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